Computer Science

Welcome to Computing

You are living in the digital age, in which computers are integral to nearly every aspect of modern life.  Being a confident user and creator of digital content is vital for almost all future career paths. We therefore really mean it when we say, “computing is for everyone!”.

We offer a broad curriculum, including programming, graphic design, web development and core digital literacy skills. This is designed to be highly relevant, challenging and rewarding. Bottom-line, we aim to prepare our pupils for careers in a huge range of fields, many of which may not even exist yet!

All lessons, from Year 7 to 13, are taught by specialist computing teachers. This level of technical expertise, combined with our well-structured and resourced curriculum, allows us to consistently achieve excellent outcomes throughout all key stages.

More widely, we run a range of extra-curricular activities including our highly successful Robotics Club, who in 2023 were crowned regional champions! We also have strong links with local industry and regularly have pupils undertaking work experience programmes in computing related companies.

Key Stage 3 

Our KS3 curriculum is designed not only to be a perfect springboard into GCSE and A-Level, but to also arm pupils with relevant digital skills to help them in any path they may follow. We employ a spiral style model, in which pupils will revisit similar topics throughout the three years. Thus allowing them to re-embed previous knowledge and then build upon it. We find this a highly successful approach to building pupils’ digital confidence


Computer Science

Creative Media

Web Development

Digital Skills

Key Stage 4 

Once pupils enter KS4, the broad subject of Computing splits into two discrete options: Computer Science and Creative iMedia.

Computer Science (OCR)

Our GCSE Computer Science course is perfect for pupils looking to follow any STEM related career path. From a practical point of view, pupils will develop the problem solving and programming skills required for so many modern careers! It isn’t all about programming though, the course also includes learning about the inner workings of computer systems and debating ethical concerns, such as the growing use of AI.

Creative iMedia (OCR)

Our Creative iMedia course is ideal for any pupil considering a career in the creative industry. This is a highly hands-on course, in which pupils will learn the fundamentals of graphic design and animation. The course is 60% coursework, which really gives pupils the opportunity to express and explore their creativity.

Key Stage 5  

A-Level Computer Science is an ideal subject for pupils wishing to follow careers in areas such as software development, cyber-security and networking. The skills learned are highly transferable though and the subject supports pupils going into any STEM related career as well. The course picks up from GCSE Computer Science, but as you might expect, the depth to which we explore topics is far deeper. The course also includes a substantial practical programming project, which accounts for 20% of the overall grade. The focus of this project is down to the pupils, and it represents a chance for them to show off what they have learnt throughout the course.

Future Possibilities:

Programmer, Data Analyst, Information Systems Manager, IT Consultant, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Games Designer.