Balcarras welcomes visits from parents to the school.

To keep everyone safe, all visitors are asked to follow some simple rules:

  • Please park in the marked bays.
  • Always sign-in at main reception (and sign-out when leaving).
  • Always wear your badge and lanyard while on site.
  • Always keep young children accompanied and away from school equipment.

If you wish to have a meeting with a teacher, please e-mail the school to arrange a time and date for a meeting.  Please be aware that teachers are very busy, and it may sometimes take a few days to arrange a convenient meeting time.

Use of School Facilities

Visitors are not permitted to use school facilities.  Sports fields, sports equipment, computers, playgrounds are for the pupils of the school and must be used only in school hours.  External sports clubs may book the use of facilities via the “Sports Centre” section of the website.


Dogs are not permitted on school site.

Guide dogs (Assistance Dogs) – if you need to bring a guide dog onto school site, we will always do our best to support your visit.  In line with advice for ADUK, the school would encourage owners to have a conversation with the school before they bring their dog onto the grounds.  Please ensure you follow the school rules:

  • Always sign-in at main reception between 8:30am and 4:00pm
  • Your dog must be a registered and certified assistance dog. 
  • Always keep your guide dog controlled and on a lead.  Do not allow your dog to approach staff or pupils.
  • Your dog must not defecate on school grounds.  (If this does occur, you must pick-up and bag the poo and take it off site with you when you leave.  You must inform the school immediately of the location of where the incident occurred and not use any school bins for disposal.)