Ski Trips

Update 17th May

Norway Ski Trip 2022 (latest update 17th May)

  • Ski Trip 2022 FULL
  • No more applications for the February trip until further notice.
  • Extra space has been requested. A reserve list exists.
  • Priority will be given to those who applied for the 2021 trip
  • An Easter alternative is being considered.
  • Please see Mr Dean if interested.

Dear Parent / Carer

Applications for the 2022 February half-term ski trip

To date over 80 pupils have applied for a place on the ski trip. Should the amount of applications exceed the available spaces on the flights then places on the ski trip will be allocated according to the following priority:

  1. Pupils who were allocated a place on the cancelled 2021 ski trip
  2. Pupils currently in Years 10, 11 and 12 (taking GCSE & A-levels in 2022)
  3. Pupils currently in Year 9 (KS4 next year) based on date when deposit was made
  4. Pupils currently in Years 7 and 8 based on date when deposit was made

The option of an Easter ski trip to the same resort (at the same cost) has been agreed and should allow everyone who has applied, to go skiing in 2022. Pupils currently in Years 7, 8 and 9 will be given priority for the Easter trip.

Entry to Norway

Currently no tourists are allowed to enter Norway from any country. The Norwegian & UK governments want to allow tourism to return to normal as soon as possible. Given the current travel restrictions, schools have been advised not to make any payment to airlines or hotels since insurance companies will not cover any losses. The UK government is working with countries worldwide on a solution to this problem in order for schools to confirm trips abroad but this solution is unlikely to be made until mid-June at the earliest and possibly as late as September.


Making a group booking (with Norwegian Air Shuttle) is not usually possible until late May for a February departure. Under normal circumstances securing between 80 and 100 seats (in May) is not a problem. A non-refundable deposit of 30% of the flight cost (approximately £100) is required within a week of making a group booking.

Should the booking of flight seats be delayed until such time as the Norwegian & UK governments decide to allow tourism to resume (and for insurance companies to provide cover) then there is no guarantee that sufficient space for our party will be available due to demand from the public. Reduced capacity usually results in increased fares.

As stated earlier, paying anything towards a foreign residential school trip is not covered by our insurance. Should the trip have to be cancelled for pandemic related reasons the £100 deposit is not protected.

Parents / Carers may wish to risk £100 being passed on to Norwegian Air Shuttle, in which case their child(ren) will have secured a place on the February trip at the advertised cost of £1295 per person. 

Payments made other than the £100 flight deposit will be fully refundable should the trip have to be cancelled.

*The priority list mentioned earlier would still apply if demand from parents (willing to risk £100) exceeds flight seat availability.

Please could you select one of the 4 options on the ‘Forms’ questionnaire (link below) remembering to add the pupil's name and tutor group

My apologies for ‘moving the goalposts’ regarding the 2022 ski trip but I hope you understand the predicament I am faced with due to current Covid 19 travel restrictions. There may be other twists & turns to negotiate in the coming months and I will provide updates when appropriate. In the meantime I am happy to respond to any queries.

Kind regards

Malcolm Dean (Ski Party Leader)