Designated Safeguarding Lead - Liza McCarthy Assistant Head.

Deputy Safeguarding Lead - Adrienne Niblett, Will Rothwell and Siobhan Winterbottom

Heads of House or Year;                       

If you would like to let the school know of any issues you are facing, or would like any school support please contact the relevant  Head of House or Head of 6th Form.


   Amelia                  Siobhan                     Phil                        Adrienne                Darren

  Noble                Winterbottom           Amor                       Niblett            Leatherbarrow


The School Nurse

The school nurse is at Balcarras every Monday lunchtime.  These are free drop in sessions for any pupil who feels they need some support or guidance.  Located in the medical room no appointment is necessary.  Alternatively, a Head of House will be very happy to arrange a session for any pupil.

Balcarras School Nurse  is Tamsin Luck and the Early help coordinator is Jubaida Rashid

There is a self referral form you can complete if you would like to see the    school nurse, this can be found by clicking here If you do complete this form we would recommend that you let your Head of House know. (see links below)

Text School Nurse  Young people aged 11-16 can get text advice from the school nurse by  texting 07507333351

School Counsellor; James Mann is a dedicated school counsellor who can offer support for pupils, appointments are made through your head of  house or head of year.


Balcarras Early Help Coordinator; Jubaida Rashid visits Balcarras on Thursday afternoons and works closely with the Head of House team.  Early help involves everybody and the aim is to identify emerging problems, to enable the right level of intervention and support when needed, through the designated school lead and other professionals.  Click here to find out more about this process.