GCSE Results 2023

With GCSE results returning to the levels they were in 2019 this group of Year 11 pupils were the first to face both the disruption to their education caused by the pandemic and a non-adjusted set of examinations.

They work hard over the two years and this hard work really paid off with an exception set of results.

78% of pupils achieved a grade 5+ in both English and maths equalling the schools best ever result.

38% of all grades awarded were 7+. .

Measure Value 2023
Progress 8 0.70
Attainment 8 60.21
English and Maths 5+ 78%
English and Maths 4+ 88%
5 Grades 9-5 Including English and Maths 75%
5 Grades 9-4 Including English and Maths 86%
5 Grades 9-4 90%
5 Grades 9-7 36%


 For a detailed breakdown of our GCSE and A Level results please see our General Information booklet.

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A level results 2019

A full breakdown of the A level results for 2019 can be found on the governments website here











School / college progress score




Confidence interval 

(0.13 to 0.27)

(0.20 to 0.34)

(0.26 to 0.42)

Progress description

Above average

Above average

Above average

Students progressing to education or employment

91% of pupils go on to full time education or employment. 

Students progressing to higher education or training