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Here you can find the policies of Balcarras School and Balcarras Trust, which explain our philosophy and approach to educating our pupils. 

The Trust policies can be be found here:

Freedom of Information Policy 

  1. FreeRequests for Information must:
  • Be in writing (e.g. in a letter, an email).
  • Include the requester's real name or the name of the person or organisation on behalf of whom they are acting.
  • Include an address for correspondence (e.g. a residential or work postal or email address)
  • Describe clearly the information requested
  1. There are circumstances when the school is not obliged to provide information. There are certain reasons for not complying with a request for information:
  • One or more of the exemptions (see the FOIA for details) apply.  These exemptions are intended to protect sensitive or confidential information.
  • The information is not held.
  • The cost threshold is reached (£450).
  • The request is considered vexatious.
  • The request is excessively repeated.
  1. The school will comply with requests for information under FOI in 20 school days or 60 working days if that is sooner. If there is a charge, or further clarification of the request is required, the time scale will commence when the payment or clarification has been received.
  1. A Lead Officer will be appointed by the school and will be responsible for collecting, preparing, sending, recording and dealing with follow-up correspondence for each request.
  1. The school will ensure that all staff are aware of their obligations under FOI.
  1. The following charges will apply:
  • A charge will be made for photocopying or printing (at 15p a sheet), and first class postage.

The school will normally not charge for any other costs, such as staff time spent searching for information, unless the cost of compliance exceeds £450.  (A £25 charge per hour will be used to calculate the staff costs of answering requests.) 

  1. Payment is required before the work is started.

When this policy was reviewed, an equality impact assessment was conducted to ensure any changes did not have an adverse effect under the terms of the Equality Act 2010. Should you have any comments regarding this policy, please contact the school.

Appendix 1

Freedom of information request template

Please fill in the form below to make your request. Feel free to delete the parts highlighted in blue, which provide more instructions to help you.

Send the completed form to Put “Freedom of Information Request” in the subject box of the e-mail.

Name of requester

Please specify your real name or the name of the person or organisation for whom you’re requesting the information.

Contact details

This can be any postal or email address to which you can receive correspondence, including personal and work addresses.

Information you want to access

Please be as specific as possible. We may return to you for further clarification if we’re not clear for what it is what you are looking.

How you want to receive the information

The means of communication here can be one or more of the following:

    • A copy of the information (e.g. hard copy, electronic document)

    • An opportunity to come in and inspect the information

    • A digest or summary of the information


Reviewed February 2021 by Comm Govs

We would encourage parents and friends of the school to read our policies and familiarise themselves with our protocols. If you are worried about a particular policy then please do contact the school to discuss it further. We always listen to concerns and consider all comments when reviewing policies as part of our annual review process.

Balcarras School Policies can be found below:


For all information and advice regarding exclusions, Balcarras follows the guidance set out by the DfE (Department for Education).  A link to the information page can be found here

Gloucestershire County Council Exclusion Information