All Year 11 pupils are involved in the school's mentoring programme. This is designed to help them to improve their study skills, make targets and prepare for the GCSE exams. This page gives details of the scheme for parents to read and to discuss with your sons/daughters. The Year 11s will meet with their mentor three times throughout the year for a one-to-one meeting of about twenty minutes and the guidelines for the sessions are listed below.

Session 1 - During October

Ideas for Disscussion

  • Ensure pupils understand the aim of the mentoring process.
  • Explain that meetings are a two way process, confidential and that the mentor should be seen as part of an advice/support system.
  • Discuss Year 10/11, progress grades using the interim report and pupil aspirations.
  • Discuss reasons/issues for grades being lower than predictions – why/what are they going to do to raise the grade.
  • Please note that a pupil should aim to match aspirations with target grades.
  • Discuss post-16 intentions.
  • Have an early discussion about the importance of distributed revision – start early take mocks seriously.
  • Set some achievable targets for your next meeting. Typical examples include completion of homework/coursework on time, a high attendance percentage or speaking to KTC/JL about career/course options.

Deadline: Half Term

Session 2 - During January

Ideas for Disscussion

  • Discuss their recent mock examinations/new progress grade for each subject. 
  • If they are underachieving – why?  What are they going to do about it?
  • How will they bridge the gap? What are they going to do that is different?
  • Discuss post 16 options. What have they planned? If they need careers support then speak to Kevin Clancy/Jill Lewis to arrange a meeting.
  • If they do want to come to our 6th form, on recent data, would they have a place?
  • The entry criteria for Balcarras pupils: 2 B’s, 3 C’s which must include Maths and English.
  • Each subject have their own entry criteria, often a B or higher required.
  • Important dates coming up
  • Encourage them to go.
  • First week of February 3rd – deadline for applications to Balcarras 6th form.
  • Please also have a discussion about how they are feeling; are they coping with the workload? Reiterate work/life balance.

Session 3 - By Easter

Ideas for Disscussion

  • Discuss revision again /have they devised a timetable? Have they started?
  • Do they know what revision works best for them?
  • A copy of a revision timetable can be found on the VLE for students to use along with the PowerPoint on revision skills.
  • Discuss revision support in school, are they attending revision sessions?
  • Encourage pupils to talk to subject staff for clarification of content if topics not understood.
  • If you are willing, make yourself available on a much more informal basis and encourage drop-ins during break or lunch.
  • Discuss predicted grades. If they are underachieving – why?
  • What have they done since the last meeting to bridge the gap? What are they going to do that is different that will make them obtain their target grade?

For information regarding the mentoring scheme please email Miss Liz Hunt

For issues regarding your son/daughter's specific progress please email