Balcarras School is part of The Balcarras Trust which is a Multi Academy Trust based in Gloucestershire. The Balcarras Trust currently consists of two schools—Balcarras and The High School Leckhampton.

The Balcarras Trust Aims and Values

The Trust will establish the highest educational standards in our schools. We believe absolutely in the value of comprehensive education and we are committed to the belief that all children should receive an outstanding education regardless of ability, prior attainment or background.

Certain values underpin the work of Trust and are non-negotiable. Firstly, we insist that all of our schools are comprehensive and focussed on the achievement of every child. Secondly, we ensure that our schools are inclusive and welcoming particularly to children who have specific barriers to learning. Thirdly, we value the contribution of our teachers and support staff because they are our most prized asset and we will always look to establish close working relationships with our parents and families.

In 2018 Balcarras School was appointed as the sponsor for The High School Leckhampton, a brand new 11-16 comprehensive school, which will open in September 2021. Plans are at an advanced stage. For more information, please see the High School Leckhampton website here:

The Balcarras Trust is committed to its role as a ‘system leader’ in the wider educational environment. The Trust oversees the GLOW Maths Hub and the Balcarras Teaching School Partnership both of which are leading providers of Continuing Professional Development for educators. We also run a School Direct Training Programme for teachers through Balcarras School.

The Structure of Governance

The Balcarras Trust is a company limited by guarantee and is effectively ‘owned’ by the ‘Members’. The Members act much like shareholders in a company holding the Trustees to account and receiving the annual reports.

Day to day governance of the Trust is performed by the ‘Trustees’. There are currently 7 Trustees and the Board is Chaired by Bernard Roberts. A full list of Trustees and Members can be found below.

The Trustees delegate executive authority to the executive leadership team which is led by Dominic Burke (Headteacher of Balcarras and CEO of The Balcarras Trust)

Each school in The Trust has its own Local Governing Board with delegated responsibilities that are set out in the Scheme of Governance which can be found below.

There is a full list of the Balcarras Local Governing Board below. The Board is chaired by Howard Kellett.



The Balcarras Trust Key Documents

Academy Funding Agreement 2011

The Balcarras Trust – Articles of Association – Dec 2020

Deed of Variation – signed by client 16.11.2020 – Balcarras Redacted

Executive pay statement Balcarras Trust – 2020-2021

Executive pay statement Balcarras Trust – 2021-2022

The Balcarras Trust Mission Statement – Nov 2020

The Balcarras Trust Register of Members and Trustees

The Balcarras Trust Strategic Plan September 2020

The Balcarras Trust - LGB Terms of Reference July 2023

The Balcarras Trust - Scheme of Delegation July 2023

The Balcarras Trust Decision Making Matrix 



Balcarras School Policies

Please see:

The Balcarras Local Governing Body Key Documents

LGB Community Committee Terms of Reference
LGB Curriculum Committee Terms of Reference
Balcarras LGB – Register of Governors 
School Development Plan Final Review November 2020