The Story so far…

It’s been a few years since the Balcarras school budget has felt this tight.  Back in 2015 there was a real squeeze on our funding.  We had to tighten up on every last penny of spending and asked local businesses and parents for help.  We had an amazing response back then, and we are so grateful to the families who have continued to support Balcarras with their financial gifts ever since.

But it’s happening again. This time it seems that the cost of living is tight for many people and many sectors of the economy.  We are determined that we will continue to offer an excellent education to our students including as many opportunities as we possibly can. That’s why gift aid funding from parents is more important now than ever. 

This year we used it for the most exciting range of projects that I can remember.  It has provided two brand new minibuses, much needed given the constant demands on their use.  It has been used to kit out the new meeting room in the sixth form, to provide furnishings for the new ‘Wellbeing Room’ and to part fund a new laser current in DT.  Last but not least, we have been able to fund training for Buddy, the eagerly awaited Balcarras school dog who will take up post in September.


Do you feel able to join the many other families who can contribute in this way?  We realise that it is not something that is possible for everyone, but please would you consider…

The generous donations from our parents mean that we are able to continue to develop the school in ways that directly benefit the students.