Examination Information

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The dates for the Summer 2024 exams are as follows:

2nd April - 24 May are the MFL Language exams

Thursday 9th May through to 26th June are the A-level and GCSE exams.

26th June being the awarding body contingency date.


Information about Results Day 2024

Results will be available from the 6th form common room on the following dates:

Thursday 15th August 2024 at 9am for Year 13 Students

Thursday 15th August 2024 at 11am for Year 12 Students

Thursday 22nd August 2024 at 9am for Year 11 Students

Results will NOT be given out to a 3rd party unless signed authorisation from the student has been provided. This authorisation must name the person allowed to collect the results. Any such provision needs to be arranged with the Exams Office before the end of the summer term.

Results will be emailed to each student to their school email address. If a different email address is requested to be used for sending out results, this may not be sent until the following day.


 If the only option available is to email the results to the candidate this will be done on the following day.

Our aim is to hand out results as speedily as possible. We would therefore ask you to refrain from telephone enquiries except in exceptional circumstances.

GCSE Revision

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Internal Moderation

To read the school's policy on appealing internally moderated work, please click here