Sixth Form: Admissions

2022 Sixth Form Admissions

Year 12 Parent Information Evening 

We are delighted to invite all Year 12 Parents/Carers to an information evening at Balcarras on Thursday 8th September, 6-7pm. This is an evening for parents/carers only (not students) and if you are unable to attend, all the information will be shared here after the evening. If you have not received your invite letter and would like more information, please email 


All students should now have received their timetable, if you have not, please contact your tutor, or visit the Sixth Form offices. 

In addition to the 36 subject lessons over the two-week timetable, you will also find others on your timetable:



Sixth Form Games

Sixth Form Speaker


If you are studying French, Russian or Spanish, you will also have an MFL speaker session which will need to be arranged in one of your allocated Study lessons.

Non-Balcarras Students 

Students who did not attend Balcarras previously will also receive their log-ins for the school network, email and virtual Learning Environment (VLE) in the first week, and newly enrolled students will receive their cashless catering cards (for lunch) and log-in details for Scopay (the schools financial system for paying for any events/extra curriculum activities etc).  A letter will be sent home this week to inform parents/carers on how to set up an account and pay for food in advance. In the meantime, the catering staff in the Sixth Form common room are very happy to provide food to all students and will just keep a record of the students name and the cost of the food so that it can be paid at a later date.

Over the course of the first two weeks of term, all the students who are new to the school will be invited to join Mr Leatherbarrow, Mr Constance and tutors for a break time breakfast where any other f.a.q.’s can be addressed.

If you have any problems or concerns please visit Mrs Crowley in the Sixth Form offices on the first floor.


Please click here for information on the Balcarras Sixth Form uniform.

Contact Us 

For all Balcarras Sixth Form enquiries, please contact Cheryl Crowley on or 01242 545118. 

2023 Sixth Form Admissions

Open Evening 

Balcarras Sixth Form open evening for 2023 admissions will be held on Thursday 12th January, 2023. Please check back here nearer the time for more information.


Prospectus 2022  (PDF document)

If you have questions there are some Frequently Asked Questions here.

Entry Requirements 

The minimum requirement for entry to the sixth form is 2 grade 6s and 3 grade 5s in full GCSE courses. These must include a grade 5 or above in both mathematics and English language or literature. In addition, many A-level subjects will require a specific grade in that particular subject at GCSE. Details can be found on the relevant subject page in the prospectus.

Entry requirements 2022-23

Consultations Meetings 

Course consultation meetings will take place from March to April with Mr Darren Leatherbarrow, the Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Elen Derrick Head of Year 13, Mr Mark Constance, Head of Year 12 and members of the Senior Management Team. This gives students and parents the opportunity to discuss any questions they might have with regards to Sixth Form. Your application form will be used as the basis for your course consultation meeting. In particular, we will discuss whether your choices are consistent with your career or academic intentions, as well as with your estimated grades. We will also contact your current school for a reference. 

Offers of Places  

Conditional offers to the Sixth Form are made to students based on their GCSE results. Letters giving a decision on your application will be issued by the end of April.

Choosing Courses  

Please click here for details of the courses we offer and the entry requirements for each subject. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. All students choose FOUR courses. Our prospectus gives guidance on combining courses. It is important that you try and be as sure as you can be, about the courses you choose. You will be spending up to two years studying them, so please take the time to talk to your teachers, parents and career advisers about them! If you are really unsure, you can ask to change your course(s) later on. However, your initial choice does have two important influences on our planning. Firstly, choosing a course makes it more likely to run. Decisions on courses will be made in April. Secondly, we will try to make sure that your chosen combination of courses is possible, ie. that they are not time-tabled at the same time. This will be more difficult to arrange if you change your mind later on. The supporting letter is an important part of the application process and you should talk to your tutor and your parents as you write it. No decisions will be made on the basis of the letter alone, but it will form the basis for discussion at the course consultation meeting.

“Joining Balcarras 6th Form from Winchombe School was quite daunting with new subjects, new teachers and new classmates, but the school was really welcoming right from the start … Balcarras was my first choice for sixth form and I have no regrets with my decision. It has lived up to its positive reputation and has allowed me to experience a wide range of activities whilst pushing me to achieve my academic goals.” Aidan Cheale, former Winchcombe student

"The sixth form ... has standards that are among the highest in the country". Ofsted