Activities Week 2023

Activities Week runs from 10th to 14th July inclusive. 

Curriculum days are Monday and Tuesday 10th and 11th July. 

Amy queries please email


The weather forecast this week is for rain. 

Please ensure your child has waterproofs to keep them dry. 

Provisional timings for the week are below, please book mark this page as it will be kept up to date:

Please see below for all external trips: 

Timings of trips and meeting places: 

Front playground for all external trips please. 

Wednesday 12th July Thursday 13th July Friday 14th July 

Alton Towers front playground 8.00am departure          

Snowdome Tamworth 8.00am departure    


Please remember swimmers, towel, food and drink for the day and money for lockers         

The Wave Bristol 8.30am departure 

For the trip to THE WAVE...this is a CARD ONLY VENUE


Please therefore ensure you have a card, a towel, swimmers, food and drink for the day.                

Malvern Ice Quest 8.30am departure                     

WMSP 8.30am departure

Paintball Raiders 9.00am departure

London Theatre 8.30am departure WEDNESDAY 

London Theatre 10.00am departure THURSDAY 

Drayton Manor 8.30am departure 

Harry Potter FRIDAY ONLY depart at 7.30 am. 

Battlesports Gloucester 9.00am departure

Re Battlesports: due to the poor weather forecast for Friday 14th July, the crazy golf might not operate due to flooding. Therefore, another activity will be provided involving face paint. Please can pupils bring a change of clothes.

Mountain Biking 9.00am departure

Croquet and Tennis 9.00am departure

All times are approximate BUT please be prepared to leave promptly at these times 

Return to school

All arrival times back at school are traffic dependent and your child will be allowed to contact you before this time if they need picking up. 

Arrival times: London will be arriving back approx 8-8.30pm WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY approx 9.00pm

Snowdome, The Wave, Ice Skating, WMSP, Drayton Manor all should arrive back around 5pm or thereabouts depending on traffic. 

Paintball should arrive back around 3.30-4 pm alongside Battlesports Gloucester 

Harry Potter arrival back around 7pm 

Mountain Biking arrive back around 4pm

Croquet and tennis 3.35-4pm

FOR ALL IN SCHOOL ACTIVITIES please class as a normal school day.

For day of sport, please meet at the Sports Hall - 9am promptly.

For movies and snacks, please meet in the Drama studio - 9 am promptly.

For any tech/art/sewing days please meet in the Tech department - 9am promptly.


Lyn Massey, Cover Manager/Attendance Officer