Iceland visit

The Geography department took 65 Year 11 to Year 13 pupils on a tour of Iceland.

Friday was a long day but was filled with excitement as we flew out and enjoyed a walk on a brand new steaming lava field. Saturday was a day that geographers dream of (and Mr Burke and Mr Spring Wallis agree!). We spent the morning completing a glacier walk on Solhéímjokull, followed by a rainbow kissed visit to Skogafoss waterfall!

The evening was filled with anticipation as we all crossed our fingers in the hope of the elusive Aurora Borealis and we are delighted to report that we were not disappointed! Bingo was abruptly stopped as all 72 of us dashed out of the hotel to be treated to a spectacular display… we can’t wait to see what the rest of the trip brings!

The remaining three days of the Iceland trip continued to be incredible. Sunday consisted of a long ride across Europes largest Lava field

This was on the way to the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon with a wonderful boat trip out to explore the icebergs in the lake.

Monday we headed back West for a day of waterfalls, geysers and the stunning Mid Atlantic Ridge at Thingvellir national park and then after dinner the northern lights decided to give us one more breathtaking show as we walked back around Reykjavik harbour. Finally, just as we didn’t think the trip could get any better we finished the trip by relaxing at the blissful Blue Lagoon, and some of us even felt some small earthquakes! We are glad to report that we are now all back safe and sound in Cheltenham. The staff would like to pay tribute to the wonderful students from years 11,12 and 13 that came along. The trip was a joy from start to finish… roll on the next one!

Mrs Cullis - Assistant Head