Young Enterprise Finals

The Balcarras Young Enterprise Team were pipped to the post in the county finals.

On Wednesday 3rd May, along with 10 other schools, the Balcarras Young Enterprise team went to the the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester for the Young Enterprise County finals. 

During the day, the team had to pitch their idea to the judges, who came from lots of different companies including Invista and a finalist from the BBC show The Apprentice. 

The team told them about our product, Bean Bag Coffee. Our product is a premium and innovative decaff coffee infused with flavours such as French Vanilla, Chocolate Orange and Caramel Fudge to provide an original blend to the niche coffee market. This idea originated from the fact that the average person consumes 100mg of caffeine over the recommended daily intake. This can lead to increased anxiety, high blood pressure and lack of sleep. We aimed to solve these growing issues within our society and to maximise our stance in the increasingly popular decaffeinated coffee market by creating a flavoured decaff coffee. But why decaff? Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant, and with an overconsumption symptom of anxiety will occur. Our antioxidant packed coffee aims to create a level of balance within the populations caffeine fuelled brains while healing the scars under the surface of the coffee industry.    

There was also a Q&A session in the afternoon where members of the team answered questions from the judges, for example unit costs, marketing campaigns and number of items sold directly and through the website ( 

After all the judging was complete, there was the award ceremony. The team won best presentation but just missed on the top prize. We are all very proud of their achievements and thank you anyone who has supported us. 

If you would like to support the Young Enterprise team, you can buy a 500g pack of ground decaf coffee in 3 different flavours (French Vanilla, Chocolate Orange and Caramel Fudge) online by clicking this link, it is reasonably priced at £15.99. If you are having issues with this please contact 

Mr Goddard

YE coordinator