From Everest to Balcarras

Year 8 pupils had a speaker who had just come back from Everest

Year 8 pupils had a guest speaker in as part of their Geography lessons called Matt Dickinson. He is an established author who has climbed Mount Everest and visited the region several times. In fact Matt had just got back from a trip to Everest base camp. He discussed some of the issues with the rise in popularity of the area and the environmental impact of litter on the trail and the local Nepalese people. He also discussed how climate change is effecting the region and the glaciers. 

The other area he talked about was risk taking and decision making, which was then linked in to careers. He opened up the idea that you could get a job in Everest as a writer, or a social media expert, or a scientist, climatologist, or even a climber. 

As an author himself Matt talked about writing and the importance of reading. He has written a number of books, such as his Everest files series

This was a collaboration between Geography and the library. Many thanks to them for their support.