Balcarras Tops the A level League Tables in Gloucestershire

Value Added data for A levels puts Balcarras at the top

The government have just published the data relating to last year's A level results. When the results were published in the summer we celebrated a record year with 69% of all grades being awarded at A* to B. Now we have the value added data and it is just as positive. Balcarras value added figure is +0.20 which is the highest for any state school in Gloucestershire (including all seven grammar schools). That is quite remarkable and something that the school is very proud of. It's all the more remarkable when you consider that the same students topped the Gloucestershire rankings for progress two years earlier at GCSE. It shouldn't really be possible to go on making such astounding levels of progress. If students achieve so brilliantly well at GCSE, in theory at least, it should be impossible to go on adding value. Well we've proved that you can do it. Well done to the students involved and their superb teachers.