Swap shop

The schools Eco club ran its first Swap shop event.

On Friday 2nd December, Balcarras did a very successful swap shop where students brought in unwanted clothes and swapped them for something else. Around 70 students came in and about 100 items of clothing were swapped.

Why did we do this?

The Guardian claims that the average person living in 2022 owns around 115 items of clothing. Around 30 of those items of clothing have probably never been worn.This means that around £140,000,000 worth of clothing end up in landfill every year. Items of clothing take lots of energy to make and if they are just thrown away then that is a lot of energy wasted and a lot of air pollution. Local Charity shops help to reduce the amount of things going to waste and also help to reduce the amount of landfill. So did our swap shop.

The pupils developed this idea after hearing about a similar event that another school ran, as part of the Change makers program. Where schools share ideas on how to reduce their environmental impact.

By Daisy Fraine

Year 8