Sports Day

Sports day results

This summers sports day was a runaway success (if you will excuse the pun). Selvey came out victorious overall again and also in year 7. Whilst Foley won in year 8, and Ottewell were winners in Year9/10. 

The overall final position was as follows.

1st Selvey

2nd Ottewell

3rd Foley

4th Graveney

Then the Senior sports day results:

1st Ottewell

2nd Selvey

3rd Graveney

4th Foley

Year 8 Sports day results:

1st Foley

2nd Ottewell

3rd Selvey

4th Graveney

Year 7 Sports day results: 

1st Selvey

2nd Foley

3rd Ottewell

4th Graveney

There were a number of records broken, despite the warm weather. All of which were track events, These were across the shorter and mid-distances. There were four records smashed at the 800m distance. See the full list below and times.

2022 New records

Year 10 Girls 100m Cara Walsh 13.29 Ottewell

Year 8 Boys 100m Jude Perry 12.47 Foley

Year 7 Boys 100m Aiden John 13.18 Ottewell

Year 10 Girls 200m Katie Terrell 26.34 Ottewell

Year 10 Boys 200m Jacob Hendy 24.07 Selvey

Year 8 Boys 200m Jack Waterson 26.32 Ottewell

Year 7 Boys 200m Triston Ho 27.99 Selvey

Year 9 Boys 800m Freddie Coombe 2:15.00 Ottewell

Year 8 Girls 800m Blue Health Smith 2:33.96 Graveney

Year 7 Boys 800m Patrick Paul 2:31.00 Selvey

Year 7 Girls 800m Evie Avery 2:40.45 Graveney

Year 7 Girls 1500m Olivia Avery 5:18.40 Graveney

Year10 Girls relay Ottewell 55.46

Year 8 Girls relay Graveney 59.00

Year 7 Boys relay Ottewell 59.72

 Congratulations to these record breakers and to everyone who took part. Also a special thank you to everyone else for all of their support and encouragement of this event