Dealing with exam anxiety

Year 12 and 13 have the option to go to a session on how to deal with Exam Anxiety. This will be held after school on Monday 16th May in the common room

Preparing for exams and how to get the most from your learning brain – Monday 16th May 3:45 – 4:20 

As students enter the exam season, we are offering a free session from educational psychologist Emily Vincent to help you ensure that are as well prepared as you can be to manage your revision time and most importantly, to look after yourself.  

  This session will cover the following: 

   Why it’s important to look after ourselves  

The impact of anxiety 

How the brain takes in and integrates information (ie how we learn best) 

Role of memory and helping memory capacity
Retrieving information -how can we help get our ideas onto paper 

  There will be a takeaway handout of core information and some techniques for managing anxiety