Thick Jumper Day

Friday 14th Jan Balcarras and the High School Leckhampton held a Thick Jumper Day

Every year we have a Mufti day where the pupils wear thick jumpers. In the past this has been a day where we turn the heating down to encourage pupils and staff to close windows and doors in an effort to save heat and to reduce the Carbon Footprint of the school.

This year has been a little different, with teachers opening doors and windows to allow for ventilation of rooms to reduce the transmission of covid. This has made the school somewhat cooler anyway.  This made the Thick Jumper day all the more relevant however, as a decent warm top was needed to cope with classrooms where the windows were open.

Traditionally this mufti day money has gone to supporting Water Aid, who are a charity who provide clean water and sanitation around the world. Every day around the world 3,000 people die from drinking dirty water. The UN and Charities such as Water Aid are committed to ensuring that by 2030 every one everywhere will have access to safe clean drinking water. To learn more about the work Water Aid do click here.

So far the school has donated over £10,000 to Water Aid, and so all pupils and parents can know that they are supporting this worthwhile cause. 

To celebrate the day we had some prizes for pupils who wore the most unique Thick Jumpers.

The winners were Will Pacey with his Dinosaur jumper, Jem Paris Johnstone who created his own 'Water Aid' jumper, and Megan Walker with her 'Hooo-dy' poncho/jumper. Each of these three won a Brita filter water bottle. Thanks to all of the pupils who came over and took part in the competition.

Mr Pearce and the Eco Club