Cotswold Wildlife Park

Year 9 Geographers visit Cotswold Wildlife Park

Year 9 took a trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park on 6th November.  This was to compliment lessons studied on Ecosystems the pupils have been studying.  With talks from the rangers Year 9 learnt how the animals are adapted to their habitats and how they are cared for at the Wildlife park.  Costswold Park are part of conservation efforts around the globe to help protect endangered species through the European breeding program.

60 pupils got to see the Rhinos, Giraffes, Lions, Penguins, Monkeys and huge variety of animals on show at this local attraction.  "I enjoyed walking through the lemur enclosure, where one ran over my foot" said Charles Palmer.  The rangers fed some of the penguins and squirrel monkeys, and pupils got to understand the complexity of caring for animals.

To see pictures of the day see here