First Week Back September 2020


Arrangements for the start of the autumn term, starting Tuesday 1st September 2020, are as follows:


Monday           Summer Holiday


Tuesday          INSET for staff (no pupils in school).


Wednesday     Just Year 7 and Year 12 pupils in school all day.

                (Yr 7 and Yr 12 arrive in school at 8:50am)

Year 7 should go to the main hall.

Year 12 information about tutor groups and rooms will be on the notice boards by the main school entrance. Students should check this and then go to tutor rooms. Staff members will be present to direct students who are new to the school.


Thursday         All pupils in school..(Yrs 7 and 13 arrive at 8:40am,

              Yrs 10, 11 and 12 arrive at 8:50am,

              Yrs 8 and 9 arrive at 9:00am)

All Pupils should go to their tutor room at the start of the day. Please see below for tutor group information.


Friday           All pupils in school.  (Same start times as Thursday)

                        Early finish: Yr 7 leave at 12:15pm

          Yrs 8, 9, 10 and 12 leave at 12:20pm

          Yrs 11 and 13 leave at 12:25pm


Please note, the first week back will be a Week 2.

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