We Will Rock You

Review of the School play

This year the school Christmas production was 'We will Rock you' written by Ben Elton

It is difficult to put into words the value of this production to our school.  It was flawless.It had amazing energy. It was inspirational to watch,  The company supported one another wonderfully. The music was superb.  The dancing was amazing.  The sound was outstanding.  The lighting was perfect.  The costumes were incredible.  The audience was warm and totally engaged.  Each night there was a lovely atmosphere.  The parents and relatives loved it.  Along with all of the staff who came along to support the pupils and will them on.  The whole thing was coordinated beautifully. It all came together seamlessly and perfectly.

The pupils were a credit to the school and gave fantastic performances, whether they were involved in acting, singing, dancing or the technical side of the production.  To have two sets of performers over four days is an outstanding achievement. My special thanks go to Mrs Winterbottom for her choreography, Mrs Watts for the wonderful musical arrangements and Mr Bennet who manages to inspire everyone to do their best.  Well done to all of the pupils for taking part, this will give them all a memory of being a part of something special.

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Dominic Burke Headmaster