Geographers go to University

Year 12- University of Gloucestershire NEA day

The NEA day on the 3rd July 2019 was a really valuable tool for our independent fieldwork investigation. At the start of the day pupils were assigned a designated tutor that would mentor them throughout the day. This was amazing because all of the tutors were specialists in the topic that each pupil had chosen meaning that they literally knew everything about each topic and could give you the best advice for what to look into. They also gave great advice individually and helped pupils to explore the type and amount of data to collect as well as a variety of fieldwork techniques. 

In addition to this pupils were also given the chance research relevant literature to their investigation through Google Scholar which gave pupils access to a range of academic journals as well as PHD studies. This also gave students a good feeling of what university could be like and they gave us a quick lesson on how to Harvard reference which will be useful for the future.  

Overall the day was so helpful it really set the students up and  now know exactly what they should be doing, along with the fact that pupils have our own collected resources that they can use to make the NEA more impressive. 

Pupils would recommend that other people going on this trip to really make the most of it because it really is so good even if you don't have a solid idea for discussing what you want to do and then being guided in order to know what to do next and everything you need to do so that you can form a really outstanding independent investigation. 

Written by the Year 12 geographers