Phone free school

Balcarras is trialling a no mobile phone policy

The Senior Management team of the school have been considering the use of phones in school, and last year began a student consultation exercise on mobile phone use at social times of the school day.  This highlighted some of the issues about using phones around the school and led to this trial of having a mobile phone free school.

The trial began on May 12th through the summer term.  The intention is to run several consultation events with pupils and parents about this trial to collect their opinions. The school will then make a decision about whether or not to continue this trial in September.  

By becoming a phone-free school, Balcarras hopes that we are educating our pupils positively, to interact politely and confidently, whilst also reducing the additional stress on our pupils.  A phone-free school will hopefully be more relaxed, more inclusive and promote important communication skills in all of our pupils as they grow up.

Some of the concerns of excessive mobile phone use are that it can lead to

  1. A reduction in face-to-face interaction between children.
  2. A loss of good conversation skills
  3. Additional stress in pupils, as they interact with social media
  4. The increased risk of bullying, through social media

During this time all mobile phones should be switched off at the bottom of pupils bags, as soon as they enter the school gates. If parents need to contact their child in an emergency, then parents can call the school office.