STEM Christmas lecture

Year 8 pupils enjoy a 'Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths' Christmas lecture

On the 10th December, a set of year 8 students went to the Gloucestershire Schools Christmas Science Lecture, held at the Bacon Theatre. We saw lectures from leading professionals on marine biology and cybersecurity.

In the first lecture, we found out how to hack a bank. It was really interesting and we heard from a leading professional who had most of his face had covered. He hacked a company live on stage! It was really useful because we got some useful tips on how to be safe on the internet.

The second session was a lecture from a man dressed as a prawn. He taught us about plankton. We found out that 16% of all the air we breathe comes from plankton. That is amazing! We learnt how important plankton are in the oceans and how they are vital for life to survive on earth.

Overall, both lectures were amazing. It was such an interesting opportunity. Thanks Mr Butler!

by Carool Sunny 8O2