Balcarras; A World Class School

Balcarras school has been awarded the World Class Schools Quality mark

As of the 6th of December, we are officially a ‘World Class School’. This means that after months and months of arduous tasks, we are positioned in the top 60 comprehensive schools in the United Kingdom in terms of all round excellence.

To get this quality mark, our school had to show enormous amounts of independence, motivation and confidence. By extension, we had to overcome communication barriers and meet important deadlines. This ultimately led us to gain a respected reputation as a school of being “the best of the best” and “a class above everyone else”.

The day of the award ceremony was an amazing day out. Alfie Hancock, Ella Banbury, Alice Hodges, James Pearne and Elena Palomo Castro along with Mr Burke and Mr Leatherbarrow journeyed to London to attend the ceremony. After visiting the Tate Modern and a walk through Embankment, it was time to receive the plaque; which has since become a symbol of the hard work and utter dedication of the team.

As a World Class school we can look forward to many benefits, including the title of being the first School in Gloucestershire to ever receive the classification, which will be followed by recognition from top universities across the globe. Not to mention, the friends and networks we have made for life, and the many more prestigious competitions and awards that we can now access.

To learn more about the award click here

We strongly urge others to get involved in the next opportunity in 2021.

Alfie Hancock 11G1, Alice Hodges 12D and Ella Banbury 1101