Christmas Charity

Pupils in Year 7 make Shoeboxes for local homeless people

Pupils at Balcarras have been collecting shoeboxes as part of a reverse advent appeal around the school in the lead up to Christmas.  One tutor group, 7F1 took this a step further and collected donations for a charity helping local homeless people, called Street Vet.  Miss Ferguson the tutor said "I expected only to make 5 shoeboxes today, but they were all so generous and keen that we had so much stuff and ended up making 4 extra packing boxes that I had in my room to make 9 boxes in total! Street Vet is my favourite charity and have been asking for around 20 boxes for their branch in Cheltenham, so that they can distribute these to the homeless people in this area. Lots of the students in 7F1 also decided to write lovely Christmas cards to the owners too, this was not something I said they had to do, lots of them just wanted to!" 

The photo above is of some of the finished boxes.  Well done to everyone is 7F1 and to Miss Ferguson for collating all of the boxes.  If you would like any more information on this charity then click here.