House Dance

Foley win the Balcarras House dance competition

On June 13th the Balcarras House Dance competition took place, and it was a massive success! The theme was "Dancing through life" and the Year 10 Performing Arts Captains had the huge task of recruiting dancers, writing a script, choreographing group pieces and arranging the music, costumes and props. They worked tirelessly for weeks with rehearsals taking place all over the school at all times of day. All of this hard work certainly paid off when all four houses produced superb performances. Mrs Baker, Miss O'Riordan and our three guest judges were so impressed by the talent, variety and team spirit displayed.

This year the judges chose Foley house as the winners and the Lewis Cup (for best individual dancer) was awarded to Ellie Van Ryssen. Congratulations to them all, these were very well-deserved prizes.

Other highlights of the day included: the massive turn out for the Selvey group piece (which would barely fit on the stage!); the Y9 Graveney boys with their uncanny Beyoncé impressions; the Y7 Graveney pieces which had us all cheering along, smiling from ear to ear; and a beautifully written script from Ottewell which brought a tear to Miss O'Riordan's eye.

If you didn't get a chance to see any of these dances then you'll be glad to know that DanceFest 2018 (the house dance highlights show) is on the evening of July 3rd in the school hall. Tickets will be available from reception from Monday, it promises to be another fantastic evening of talent not to be missed.

Another massive thank you to all of our Performing Arts Captains- you did an amazing job!

Mrs Baker