Borehole for Nigeria Fundraising appeal - success!

Pupils (and Buddy the dog) have helped to fund the building of a borehole in Nigeria

The geography department would like to pass on their thanks to everyone who contributed to the Borehole Appeal either by your donations or from taking part in Buddy's birthday Hot dog sale which was organised kindly by Mr Constance. 

We are delighted to announce that we have reached our target of £1000 and have sent the money to the 'Hope Ambassadors and Childcare Organisation' who will now proceed to dig the borehole for Apomu Town in SW Nigeria . We will send you updates once we hear more. Providing clean water is one of the UN's sustainable development goals for everyone in the world by 2030. Charities like this one are transforming peoples lives, reducing the amount of time it takes to collect water, reducing water bourne diseases.

Hope Ambassadors is a charity based in Nigeria founded on the power of hope, empowers individuals and communities through education, healthcare, economic development, and environmental awareness. To read about more of the work they do click here

Thanks to everyone who supported this event and bought a Hot Dog.

The Geography department