Pen Recycling

As part of the schools commitment to the EcoSchools program we are promoting our Pen recycling scheme to reduce waste. 

We are re-starting a 'Pen recycling' scheme at school. This has been organised by the schools Eco group.  The idea is to reduce the amount of plastic we put into landfill. Apparently globally 1.6 billion pens are thrown away each year. Rymans the stationers recycle pens and turn them into new stationary items. 

There is a shoe box in one classroom for each dept, see the list below. Pupils and staff are encouraged to take any old pens to these boxes which are then collected by the schools Ecogroup.

Unfortuantley we can no longer recycle glue sticks as part of this program, just old pens, this is our next challenge to solve as a school..

The rooms where the boxes are can be found here.

Maths – Mr Young - 3A5

Maths Mr Hawker 6B4

History – Mr Stoker – 3B3

History – Mr Harding – 3B4

Science – Mr Godfrey – 4A5

Science Mrs Atkins – 6A4

English – Miss Hall– 1C3

Mrs Spring Wallis – 1B3

Music - Mr Armstrong – Mu1

Tech – Mr Johnson – 2A5

Art - Mrs McWhirter – 8A2

Geography - Mr Pearce – 7A6

Languages – Miss Bird 7A3

RE – Mrs Ebanja – 5A3

RE Miss Grogan 5A4

Business – Mr Fivash – 11A1