Spring Concert

Next week there is a spring concert at Balcarras

It is the Spring Concert next Tuesday (27th March). This is a performance opportunity for our GCSE, AS and A-Level musicians.  It is a 7pm start, in the Hall with Expedition Groups providing refreshments. 

The following pupils will be performing;

Gemma Veal                                          voice and backing or own piano accomp

vocal microphone needed either way

Jenny Lerescu                                      piano

Issy Winstanley & Oskar Brennan  The Scientist – Coldplay 2 x vocal

microphones piano

Issy Winstanley                                     Wherever You Are (own comp) gtr amp & vocal mic

Oskar Brennan                                     piano

Ruth Walters                                         classical guitar

Jemma Ellwood                                    Hysteria drum kit & backing  (usb)

Tom McLaughlin                                  Birdland drum, kit usb backing

James Watts, Tom McLaughlin,  James’ composition own amp, 2 x gtr amp,

Charlie Nye, Louis Baczkiewicz-Ross & Max King bass amp, 2 vocal microphones, drum kit

Lizzie Oates                                           voice & piano (Jane)

Kiera Harmer                                        piano

Harry Lamb                                           piano

Mike Whittemore                                guitar & voice  - vocal mic & poss amp

Jono Price                                              guitar & voice – vocal microphone & amp

Ben Partridge                                        clarinet piece

Jonathan Daglish                                 piano piece

Thea Ellyatt                                            Rondino pno & vln (Jane)

Em Chestney                                        Ostinato – flute & piano (Jane)

B Cooke                                                    violin & piano (Jane)

Issy Green, Issy Partridge, Rache Lucas   Ensemble tbc

Oscar Mercati                                        guitar solo – amp and cd backing

Issy Partridge                                          piano