Pond Conservation

The Balcarras Eco group have been carrying out some pond conservation work

Last week the Schools Eco group carried out some essential maintenance work on the schools pond. Over time ponds fill in with soil as the plants and organic matter build up on the bottom of the pond. The group removed this from the pond by textiles. 

Some of the plant matter and the newts were removed from the pond and stored by the pupils. The next phase is to put a new liner into the pond and to then reintroduce some of the plants and animals back to the pond. 

The Eco group have come up with a number of designs for this area and these include having two ponds and a pump to create some running water. Planting some flowers for insects and invertebrates around the pond. Creating some habitats from stones and logs for newts and frogs. To create new seating areas in and around the pond area.