Thick Jumper Day

Pupils wrap up warm for Thick jumper Day

On Friday 19th January it was Balcarras school’s annual thick jumper day. This encouraged pupils and teachers to wear their favourite comfy jumper, onesie or oodie (and wrap up warm considering the heating was turned down). The aim was to reduce the school’s increasing carbon footprint. The top two outfits were George Kemp (8S2) and Esme Hopkinson (8O1) whose efforts won them a £20 amazon voucher each.

In the library and reception, we placed boxes to collect unwanted Christmas jumpers. You might have seen the video! These will be donated to people in time for next Christmas. Please donate if you can.

All of the money from this Mufti day will go to 'Water Aid' a charity who provide clean water to people around the world who lack toilets and taps. This is a charity we have supported for a number of years with this Thick jumper day. So far we have raised  £506.50 for this charity. To find out more about the work they do click here.

By Amy Pallister and Amelie Rowe (8O1)