Malaga Trip

Balcarras pupils visit Malaga over the October Half term

¡Hola! ¿Qué Tal? 

Over the half term we went on a school trip to warm and sunny Malaga, Spain. We woke up early on the Friday morning to be at school for 5:45 and left for Birmingham airport. After a 2.30 hour flight we got on a coach and the ks3 and ks4 went our separate ways as ks4 stayed with Spanish hosts and the ks3 stayed in a hostel in the centre of the city. After we dropped our bags at the accommodation, we all met up for a big gloop of chocolate con churros. This was followed with some free time in town to explore the city centre. Later that evening, Señora Bird and Señor Foakes were very kind to allow us to watch the rugby world cup final on someone’s iPad which they had brought with them. 

The next day we went to this contemporary art museum with a statue outside with bent legs and everyone tried to copy the pose. We then had a tour of historical places such as the Plaza de la Marina. During this time, KS4 students were in their first Spanish lesson. Afterwards, we went for a traditional tapas and had a tasty paella and calamari. With our stomachs full, a visit to a Roman amphitheatre followed, with strong influence of Arab culture. All the walking made us thirsty! To rehydrate, we had Moroccan tea tasting, which was very sweet. This was followed with some free time in town, and then we had to go back to the hostel to do flamenco dancing. We had to move our arms a lot and it was hard!  

The next day we travelled to Granada and visited the famous Alhambra palace with its majestic gardens in Granada. It was sunny and had clear views of the town below. We had a picnic, and the food was good. Even better, they had extra-extra large cornetto ice creams! 

On the final day, we went to a Spanish secondary school where we chatted with the local students in Spanish and English. Another day and we would be fluent! This was followed with lunch on a beach by the docks, and a visit to the Pompidou museum whilst the KS4 students went for their second set of lessons. After this we were kindly treated to ice cream by our teachers before we went back to the docks to have pizzas. 

The next morning, we were up early for our flight back to Bristol where we took a coach back to school. It was great trip and we would definitely do it again. 

Thank you Señoras Bird, Hockenhull & Dodds and Señor Foakes! 

by Ben, Sam and Will Hey