Guide for pupils self isolating.

You need to use the guidance below to access your lessons remotely when you have been asked to self isolate and work from home.

You do not need to log into a "Teams Meeting" for morning or afternoon registration. Only your timetabled lessons.

If your whole year group or class has been asked to work from home then your lessons will be on Teams with all the pupils joining in the same way.

If only parts of a year group or class are working from home then you will be using Teams to join a lesson taking place in school.

It may take your teacher a few minutes to start the meeting at the beginning of the lesson. Please be patient and allow them time to get the pupils in school started.

Remember the chat in the lesson has your name next to it. You should use this function to communicate with your teacher. Keep your microphone on mute unless asked to switch it on by your teacher. 

The same good manners and high standards of behaviour are expected during remote lessons as when you are in school.

While we will try to allow you to join as many lessons as possible there may be times when a Teams meeting is not possible. When this is the case appropriate work will be set via the VLE. This may be because your teacher is ill or a practical lesson such as Drama or Dance is taking place.

PE  Lessons - If your whole class or year group are working from home then you should join PE lessons via teams when you have them on your timetable.

If only part of your class is working from home you will not be able to join the PE lesson in school remotely. If it is safe to do so you should undertake some physical activity when you would have had your PE lesson.

Watch the video for a reminder of how to join your Teams lessons.



Things that might help if you are having trouble using teams:

If you are using a windows PC:

We have found that the best browser to use is Chrome try installing this browser and running teams through this.

If other people have logged into a Microsoft account on the computer their details are often remembered. Make sure that you are logging in using your school account. 

If you are using a MAC/ phone/ iPad/tablet:

You will need to download the Teams app. Then sign into teams using your school email address and the password you use to log onto computers at school.

You will not be able to use a web browser on a MAC. You will need to download the app.

Problems using Chat:

You need to make sure you are chatting in the meeting chat. This is easy on a laptop/ desktop as the chat can be viewed at the same time as watching the meeting.

On a phone or tablet as the screen is smaller the chat is accessed in a different way. When in the meeting touch the screen and look for the little chat icon. This is usually in the top right corner of the screen. If you select this it should take you to the meeting chat.

Please see the attachment below for information on how to update your pupil account so you can change your password if you forget it.