Activities Week

Activities Week 2018

London residential trip

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London theatre trips

London theatre trips will be to see The Lion King and The School of Rock...both are amazing shows. The cost per show including transport will be £45 per student.

Please collect a letter from Mrs Corinaldi or Mrs Massey on the house heads main corridor.  Any questions, please call Mrs Massey on 01242545114.


One of the highlights of the summer term is Activities Week, and comes the week before we break up for the summer holidays. The timetable is collapsed for Y7,8 and 9 to allow children to experience a range of activities both in and out of school, going beyond the normal curriculum. Trips both in and out of school are divided into zones to encourage children to participate in a wide range of activities and broaden their experience.

There are residential trips which run during Activities Week. In 2017 we are running a History Battlefields trip for Y8, a London trip for Key Stage 3 and a French trip for Year 7. In addition, the famous Year 9 camp will be running, challenging our final Key Stage 3 pupils to a week of exciting and team-building fun.   The residential trips vary yearly; in the past we have run a surfing trip to Cornwall, and bi-annually the languages department run a trip to Russia.