Activities Week

Activities Week 2018

Year 7 Art Curriculum Day
This day is non-uniform due to the products being used ... please take care though to wear sensible  clothing and not something that might get spoilt. 

Year 7 RE Curriculum Day
Please wear PE kit for the whole day.

Paddleboarding change of venue
Paddleboarding will no longer be taking place on the River Wye. 
This is due to unforeseen circumstances, and therefore, we have changed to Gloucester Quays. 
This is reflected in the timings of the trips as previous notices. 


Timings and meeting places:
Please find below the list of timings/meeting places your child needs to be for all activities on the Wednesday,  Thursday and Friday of activities week. 

Monday and Tuesday of activities week are normal school days and students need to wear uniform. However,  some PE kit maybe required during the day, so please ensure they have their kits. This should only apply  to year 7. 

Please do stick to these timings, otherwise, there is a chance that your child could miss the mini bus or 

Please remember some of these days are very long. Please make sure your child has:


Kind regards, Lyn Massey 

Any queries about this week please email: or call 01242545114.
Lyn Massey Activities week coordinator