We have focussed on wellbeing at school, looking at a range of factors from healthy eating to the stress of revision. Our video below focuses on the pressure of school whilst this interview focusses on the importance of a healthy diet.

We asked a Food Technology teacher Mrs Saunders, her views on diet, and the food technology syllabus at Balcarras School.

Do you think that society is educated about unhealthy foods, but remains to do nothing about it?

Yes but I think it’s a lot to do with the supermarkets, as they also push the unhealthy foods on offer

If you could, what would you change in the Food Tech syllabus?

I think that I would like to include a little bit more sweet foods but we are quite restricted on what we are allowed to let you cook, because you are unable to go to the canteen to buy sugary foods and for example the local shops but I think if you realise how much sugar goes into certain foods in shops it make you realise that maybe shops should add raisins for example. It’s also incredibly important that shops make it more obvious to see the content, then I think it would be really beneficial, but I think that students are a bit annoyed and parents are more supporting with this, but because of the guidelines I’m not allowed for example to let the kids add chocolate chips into their flapjack.

Do you think Food Tech is an important subject, should it be done at GCSE?

At the moment it is a compulsory subject at Key Stage 3 but the government have just change the syllabus in the September of 2016. So now a pupil has to follow the coursework guidelines and now is called Food Science and Preparation. So they do that or nothing, whether or not it should be compulsory at GCSE, I don’t think so, but I would like to see some sort of course regarding life skills, that would also have a cookery club and from talking to pupils and parents it gives the message of that the parents want their child to cook, but not to give them GCSE from it as they believe it’s important to learn that important life skill to learn. They think that they have the pressures of the ‘EBACC’ subjects. So yes, I think it’s important to know the life skill as an overall and I believe that yes, there should be some sort of additional group, so that the skill is still there.