Apple iPhone terrorist unlock

Recently, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) have approached Apple requesting them to unlock a known terrorists iPhone 5c.

San Bernardino was the suspected terrorist however Apple has declined to unlock the phone because they argue that doing so would set a dangerous precedent and put its users privacy in danger. Now, it has exhibited court documents arguing that the decision is also forbidden by the form and represents “an unprecedented grab for power by the US government.” The documents are the first official response by Apple to an order that it has expressed public anger at and vowed to fight up to the Supreme Court. They use many of the same arguments that have been voiced by executives and experts since the ruling came out, including Tim Cook’s claim that the government was asking Apple to create “the software equivalent of cancer”.

Apple’s Main Argument

"No court has ever authorized what the government now seeks, no law supports such unlimited and sweeping use of the judicial process, and the Constitution forbids it," Apple said in the documents.
"The government says: 'Just this once' and 'Just this phone.' But the government knows those statements are not true," lawyers for Apple wrote.

Apple said the specialized software the government wants it to build does not currently exist and "would require significant resources and effort to develop," including the work of six to 10 engineers working two to four weeks. The magistrate judge suggested in her ruling that the government would be required to pay Apple's costs.

Here are Balcarras student’s views:

Molly - I don’t agree with the FBI’s idea to make a software to hack into iPhones, even if it is just when the FBI request it, if there is a possibility that someone hacks Apple, they instantly have control over 33 million phones and 14 million iPads. That is a violation of people’s personal lives.

Ed - I think apple shouldn’t add this software as if terrorist groups hacked in to apple they would be able to access everyone’s iPhones. And also it is an invasion to people’s privacy and security of personal details.

Callum - I think that Apple are being complete and utter idiots because there might be a terror attack being planned and apple are refusing to help out with case of finding out when and where. They are being selfish and don't care about anything apart from themselves. They say that the F.B.I need to find a different way to get into the iPhone. But to me it sounds like they are hiding something.