The Importance of Performing Arts

We have been researching the importance of performing arts in education. We interviewed actress Alice Barlow; she has had a starring role in Hollyoaks as Rae Wilson, filmed a guest appearance in the medical TV series Casualty and has won a national talent search award ‘Festival4stars’.

Do you feel your teacher and Performing Art classes helped guide you in your career?
Definitely, my school was a performing arts school so the teachers were fantastic at developing and nurturing our skills as a performer.

Did someone or something persuade you to take your career path?
When I was 9 years old, my primary school teacher was listening to me at choir practice and she picked up that I had a nice voice, she informed my mum, and then my grandma paid for weekly singing lessons for me and it went from there!

Do you have any advice for students taking Performing Arts or who want to take that career path?
Grasp every opportunity, there will be many rejections along the way, you must have a thick skin and not take every job to heart if you don't get it. It is an amazing job when you have got the work but also can be quite stressful when you are waiting for your next job.

Did you have a clear mind set on what you wanted to do when you were younger?
Ever since the age of 9, I remember I have always wanted to pursue a career in singing / dancing / acting. It has always been a major passion of mine and I have never wanted to do anything else.

Was Performing Arts something you always felt strongly about?
Yes, Performing Arts means everything to me, I've been practising / competing for so many years now. All I have ever wanted is to be on the stage / television doing what I love.

We also interviewed a Balcarras parent to see if they thought that Performing Arts were beneficial for their child.

Is it beneficial for your child to take drama?
Yes it gives them a greater confidence within their group. For pupils who did not know anyone when they started school, drama gives them a great opportunity to get to know of them. It also allows them to work as a team and express themselves.

Has drama progressed since you did drama at school?
I don’t think there has been much of a change. My school had an excellent drama department who encouraged us to get involved express ourselves and enjoy the subject. I feel drama still holds to these values.

Do you think Performing Arts would benefit your child?
I do think performing arts is a great opportunity to develop personal skills that can encourage greater community and school involvements.

Did Performing Arts help you when you were younger?
I was quiet at school so I found drama difficult to start with but it developed my confidence slowly and by sixth form I was involved in school productions.

To find out about more student views have a look at our video below.