EU Referendum

A vote will take place on the 23rd of June for the British public to decide whether they should remain or withdraw from the European Union.

Reason To Stay

  • 1 in 10 British jobs, approximately 3.5 million, could be lost or altered because they are currently directly linked to the European Union.
  • Approximately 50 per cent of UK exports are bought by the EU. This means that at least 50 per cent of UK export profits are coming directly form the European Union.
  • The EU has partnered with the UN to play an incredibly important role when it comes to keeping the peace and preventing conflicts in Europe. It also has consolidated democracy in countries like Portugal, Greece and Spain.

Reasons To Leave

  • Leaving the EU will give Britain the freedom to make stronger trade deals with other nations that will in turn boost Britain’s economy. It is likely that this will also create more jobs in the nation.
  • Many Euro-sceptics believe that Britain is losing its identity and independence and by leaving the EU we will restore our status as a great nation.
  • Leaving the EU will give us much more freedom as an empire. It will give us freedom to restore Britain’s legal system, control our borders and make major savings for British consumers.

So , are you in or out? Have a look at our video to see some of our views.

Reported by: Carl, Joe, Dan, Henry, Em, Caitlin, Nell, Vicky, Molly and Emily