Update from The Head 26th June

I hope everyone is well. What a lovely week it has been weather wise—it’s almost been a bit too hot. I hope all of our young people are continuing to cope in the very difficult situation that lockdown has thrown us in to.

Next September

I was delighted to read last week that the Prime Minister has made a firm commitment to opening all schools in September. We have been promised a set of guidelines from the DfE by the end of next week and we have started to make plans but until we have the detail it is difficult to do so with any great certainty.

Tutor Meetings 7-9

In my last update I said we would try and arrange for pupils in Years 7 to 9 to have a meeting with their tutor before the summer.  There is a rota for this to take place, which is in the table below.  We have picked the largest areas of the school so that we can spread the pupils out and minimise risk.  Please can you urge you children to stick to the social distancing rules as they walk to and from school.  There is no need to wear uniform, mufti is fine.  Pupils should bring a pencil case and note pad with them to the session and we also recommend each pupil to carry their own hand sanitizer with them, for added safety.

Midsummer Music

I’d like to thank the music and drama departments for putting on Midsummer Music last week. Our first ever live broadcast was a great success and the quality and range of performances were superb. I’d like to thank all of those students who contributed and thanks as well to all those parents who supported the event and who donated to charity. I’m told that we raised over £1,000 which is great.

I wanted to pay a particular thank you to the two Balcarras employees who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make it happen—Oscar Brennan and Ross Fitzsimmons. They provided all of the technical know how to actually create and deliver a live broadcast. Well done to them.

Message from the Music and Drama Departments


We have all been overwhelmed by the amazing response following MM20. The evening could not have happened without the magnificent performances we were showcasing. From students past and present, siblings, families, and friends. The quality of performances was outstanding (and SO beautifully varied!). We know that the added dimensions of planning, recording, editing and submitting videos made it all the more time-consuming and in some cases there were real technical challenges, but every single one of these was met with good humour and perseverance. The final result really was worth every minute of that time! Huge congratulations to absolutely everyone who recorded a performance for this very special event. You are ALL stars!

To have received so many lovely emails and messages has been moving and inspirational. Between us, we hope we’ve been able to answer all these kind greetings - but if we’ve missed anyone, please forgive us and know that your comments have been greatly appreciated.

As with everything we do, at the heart of this, as ever, has been the wonderful work of our students and the equally vital support of families. Our ambition was to create a celebration and expression of our collective spirit and community. Thanks for being there.

Best wishes

Team MM20!


Final word from me

I just wanted to say how sad I feel when I open my diary. Unlike most people nowadays I still operate a paper diary and all of the school events are still pencilled in and appear like ghosts from the time before the pandemic. This week we would have had the Year 13 Ball and Year 12 Induction Day, the week before sports day and next week I’d normally have been excited to welcome our new arrivals to the school. I feel desperately sad that all of these events, and so many more, have had to be cancelled or rearranged into virtual events. We look forward to the time when our community can return to normal.

Take care.

Dominic Burke