Update from the Head 19th June

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to the weekly update from Balcarras. I hope that everyone is well. It has been a pleasure to have more students back in the school this week. As well as the keyworker children we now have students from Year 10 and 12 attending lessons on a rolling programme. It has gone very well and I wish that we could bring more students into the school. Contrary to some reports in the national media, we are desperate to return to normal and the moment that we are allowed to bring in more students then we will.

Lessons on line

Every year group should now have online lessons to supplement the work being provided by teachers on the VLE. I realise that there will be some glitches with this programme as we continue to develop it. None of us has ever run a school in a pandemic before and some people are more confident than others with technology. I know that I never engage in a ‘teams’ meeting without having technical support on hand. Because we have so much of this going on our technical support is spread very thinly.

We are having to learn how to operate in the COVID 19 world with very little training. Someone joked with me the other day saying, “it’s difficult teaching an old dog new tricks.” Whilst I hesitate to compare the staff of Balcarras to an old dog, we are all of us having to learn new ways of working. The comment reminded me of a birthday card that I bought for my Dad many years ago: