Information for Parents Remote Learning

Firstly, can I pass on my huge thanks for the overwhelming positive support we have had from parents and pupils in recent weeks. We have worked hard to ensure that our pupils are provided with the best quality education possible, from home, in these extraordinary circumstances.

From this week you will be aware of the new ‘scheduled compulsory’ daily sessions that we are providing. They will either be on 'Teams' or they will be a pre-recorded PowerPoint that we require students to log into and either watch or take part in at the allocated time. Please note these will not all be ‘live’ lessons. This is because of limitations with timetabling the online remote learning alongside the delivery of in school face to face classes for Year 10 and 12 and with the provision of in school support for the children of keyworkers.   

We have introduced this extra phase of remote learning at this point for three reasons:

  1. As a response to parents asking for some structure in the day.
  2. Because it is now clear that Years 7-9 will not be in school for the rest of this term and so we want to provide more face to face content for students.
  3. We feel that now that many parents are returning to work the demand on IT devices at home has eased a little.

The session will appear in the pupil’s task list on the VLE on the morning of the session with the title along the lines of... 'Science, Year 7, 9.30am Tuesday 9th June'.

  • Year 7 sessions will be held at 9.30am
  • Year 8 sessions at 10.30am
  • Year 9 sessions at 11.30am 
  • Year 10 sessions at 2pm

Mr Towers has set a 'task' on how to use 'Teams' safely. Please watch that updated recording. Pupils will not be allowed to ‘enter’ the meeting unless they have registered their details. Any pupil acting inappropriately will be denied access to the remote learning from then onwards.

Please note it may not be the usual class teacher running the session. 

Year 9 - it is not compulsory for you to attend the sessions for subjects you are dropping at GCSE (although you are welcome to if you wish). 

A timetable of the sessions is shown below.  The ‘pastoral’ session for KS3 will be either a Teams meeting with their tutor or an ‘assembly’.  Please note Monday 8th June is a week 1 and for the purpose of remote learning the original activities week is now a week 1 with the final week of term being a week 2.

We ask that all pupils do their very best to attend this session. It is, in effect, compulsory but we do understand that sometimes technology fails. We have tried to ensure the sessions do not overlap so that multiple siblings in one house all have access to their session in the absence of more than one device. Staff will be registering who logs in. If you miss a session please just let your teacher know.

We will be deleting or amending the title of the task once it has happened to reduce the clutter in pupil’s task lists. Staff may well post another task (either in advance, or after the session) with any recordings and associated preparatory resources or follow up work that is to be completed.

These sessions do not replace the other learning that we have been providing, they supplement them and provide some form of face to face contact whether it be live, or pre-recorded.

We are asking staff to continue to provide regular and meaningful marking and feedback to pupils in coming weeks.

*week 1 is the 8th June and so on.

Again, many thanks for all of your support and feedback in these challenging times.

Liz Cullis, Assistant Headteacher